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Nasmehni se, nekdo te ima rad :)

Nasmehni se, nekdo te ima rad :)


It was bustling from the early morning at the end of the Fužine district: the planting day of the Labyrinth of Art. Temperature well below zero did not disturb the visitors nor spoil the ambience: sunshine, snow, trees, laughter, good vibration and eagerness to work attracted quite a number of people.

Beside the professional gardening team and collaborators of Exodos, the producer of the project, there was Venelin Shurelov, Bulgarian artist who has concieved the project; and there were custodians of individual trees, reporters, sightseers, etc. Among others, a tree was planted by the youngest custodian, two-years old Ivana who got her tree as a present from her parents stating that they wanted her to have something beautiful and natural to take care of, something that will grow and develop along with her. The numbers of custodians and stories behind every "adoption of a tree" in the Labyrinth of Art are growing and becoming increasingly varied and interesting.