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Paulo Coelho

Just before a dream is fulfilled, the soul of world decides to test everything that was learned on the journey.



Noon – Start of the gathering

1 pm – Opening ceremony
The Labyrinth of Art will be inaugurated by Zoran Janković, Mayor of the City of Ljubljana, and Nataša Zavolovšek, Director of the Exodos Institute.

Official speakers:
Uroš Grilc, PhD, Head of the Cultural Department of the City of Ljubljana
Pia Barborič Jurjaševič, CEO of Tobačna Ljubljana d. d., the main sponsor of the Labyrinth of Art
Stanislava Marija Ferenčak Marin, President of the Moste District Council 

- Presentation of the World that Grows with You movement, an initiative of Semenarna Ljubljana, a company which has sponsored the Labyrinth of Art with grass seeds. To the visitors they will offer pots with soil and seeds of the Hestia bean: this plant grows beautiful red-and-white decorative leaves as well as good fruits and can be also cultivated on balconies or terraces.
- An action of the Si.mobil, one of the tree custodians.
In the spirit of its philosophy Re.misli ("Re.Think"), Si.mobil invites you to bring to the opening your old, worn-out mobile phones, batteries and chargers for recycling. In collaboration with its partners, Si.mobil will take care that these items will be adequately processed and recycled. Every action counts!
- Appearance of cultural ambassadors: outstanding musicians Janez Dovč and Boštjan Gombač in a concert; Ana Duša narrating stories; and Manca Košir with her guest poet.

Attention: Start using the paths, since there is grass sown between the trees.